What President Obama really wants

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  1. Strange. I visited the local Head Start school and I was amazed what the little ones were learning. They knew how to print their names among other words, perform simple math (add & subtract), associated colors with correct colored words, listened to stories about children in America other lands, map quizzes had wonderful results and some could read quite well at ages 3 and 4!! …they learned to remove their own coats and hang them up and helped others who had some difficulties, tied their own shoes and they could look at a clock and tell me what time it was… and, they were very clean, polite toddlers. The teachers and helpers (all who had children in Head Start) were most attentive to the children and taught without the children realizing they were actually being taught. There wasn’t any indoctrination and the children were very attentive. I’m sorry that people tend to think that Head Start is not a learning facility and doesn’t allow children to get a jump start when they enter Kindergarten.