What is the Wealthy’s Fair Share in Taxes?



  1. This guy is so full of crap apparently he is the only one who doesn’t know it. I guarantee some of the people he employs will be fired to use their salaries to pay his higher tax bill. As wealthy as he is, he is incredibly stupid to think that the government knows better how to spend your money than you do. There is NO shortage of money to the government. It is incredibly bloated, and needs to fire at least 1 million federal employees that do not serve any purpose. That is the kind of pain we can all accept.

  2. They are already paying the lion share of taxes while some 40% or more pay not a dime. Flat tax would be fairest because everyone should be sharing the load and have skin in the game. Stop picking on and talking about those who worked hard to have big money. Jealousy and communistic leanings are just what Obama wants to divide and conquer and send America down the toilet.

  3. Gene Kinnick says:

    Exactly Gordon, “don’t punish success!” Doing that removes the impetus, the incentive to do well and to help grow the economy. And as was mentioned in this little 6 minute two second debate, if anyone wishes to donate more money to government, nothing is stopping them. More, wouldn’t it be a good idea for everyone, no matter what amount one earns, to pay SOMETHING, even if only a very small percentage of earnings? That way there are no more excuses, and no more arguing about who pays what in state and federal income taxes. Everyone has a stake in what’s going on. It has to be reasonable as well as affordable and no one gets out of paying a “fair share.” Redistribution of wealth hurts everyone from one end of the spectrum to the other.

  4. gordon olson says:

    The concept that the already affluent should pay more taxes is predicated on the belief that not everybody has the capacity to become wealthy, which is FALSE.
    One of the defining marks of U.S. American Free Enterprise is that people who have a dream and are willing to work and put in the effort to make their dream a reality CAN be successful like few other places on Earth!
    If someone who has had success in business personally wants to pay more in taxes, let them! But don’t remove the incentive for people to learn to think differently, have a dream or get a vision for how to create wealth and accomplish that dream by implying that wealthy people somehow have an advantage just because they’re wealthy. EVERYONE that is willing has the opportunity to take advantage of a better tax bracket. Don’t punish success!