Welcome To Ameritopia. Thanks Obama.



  1. Mike Peach says:

    That took some cajones!

  2. What a shame! But this is not new, nor is it just in recent times. And it isn’t just in New York. It’s in California, Illinois, and most of the States. I worked at a manufacturing company where my then wife worked in the personnel offices. Two workers came in to question the deductions taken from their checks. When they found out that it was the normal process, they quit, stating that they can get more money from welfare.
    So, Obama may have opened the door further, but it wasn’t the first time. I often saw in blighted areas of Los Angeles, new cars in front of homes that were falling apart. You could really tell what the money was being used for.
    Oh, yes, As for the guy who blames everything on what happened around the time of the Civil War, get real; it changed only the fact that the government through the 14th Amendment made all the people slaves; just in a different way. Unless you are from that period, don’t think that you are not slaves as well. You aren’t getting anything that the Obama and the government doesn’t want you to have. The government giveth and the government taketh away. Just that easy. That is what a central government does. Just look at Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, China in the early days of Communism, the satelite nations under communism. Study their tactics and compare them to what is now happening. Are we part of the problem or the solution? Do we want to be under the thumb of a bunch of Socialists or as Free Americans? There is no in between.

  3. Obama fiddles while the new Rome burns..

  4. Tony Angel says:

    Sad part is : Obama promotes this type of behaviour.Obama phone anyone? The desire of the slothful killeth him; for his hands refuse to labour. He coveteth greedily all the day long: but the righteous giveth and spareth not. (proverbs). America was a fine nation back in the 50’s, and of hard working people, until judges started taking God out of the picture.I’m so glad that heaven is a much better place than what this world has to offer.

  5. Marc jeric says:

    We have now a completely different and much more dangerous situation here in America. The criminal political Chicago machine gave us TWICE a far-left revolutionary Marxist of doubtful origins as our President – Barack Hussein Obama; a son of a Kenyan communist and a flower-child leftist mother, with obscured past lacking any documentation of his university accomplishments before the Chicago criminal political machine sent him to the US Senate. His accomplishments before being elected to presidency have been an arousing speech to the Democrat Convention, and two ghost-written books (probably by his close friend Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground fame) of his father’s and his own aspirations. I think I am justified by calling that machine criminal – after all two Illinois governors are serving time presently in prison; and in the elections of 1960 the Chicago machine elected Kennedy by some 150,000 votes of dead people. “Vote early and often” has been their working principle.

  6. Benjamin Franklyn pointed out a couple of centuries ago what the problem is : “Laziness travel so slowly that Poverty soon overtakes him.” My motto is earn it or do without. Better yet, work or go hungry!. Compassion and charity are reserved for the 5 or so percent that really require a helping hand UNTIL they can get back on their feet, and the elderly who may find they have not other way of survival. Everyone else 8^@#em !