Must Watch 2010 Interview – Thomas Sowell – Dismantling America



  1. James Summers says:

    A Communist and a Capitalist walked into a bar, sat down, ordered drinks and the Communist asked the Capitalist to explain the differences between the two ideologies. For those who have not heard the answer, the Capitalist (after 8 years of bondage by the Obama administration) said: Communism allows and promotes the abuse and slavery of man over man; Capitalism is just the opposite! Those of us who still believe in individual freedoms have our work cut out for us!!!!

  2. When the defense of liberty becomes a crime, tyranny is already in force. At that point, failure to defend liberty makes slavery a certainty.

  3. Michelle Sharpe says:

    Smart man!

  4. Kerry Reynolds says:

    No question about it! There is no doubt that our leader does not Love this Country – or for that matter – the only thing he does love, is himself. He is the ultimate in selfishness.

  5. R E Putnam says:

    Won with the illegal immigrant vote.No photo ID needed t register to vote.A phony SOB!

  6. Ronald Christopher says:

    The dismantling of America began prior to 9/11 when America, as a nation, began turning away from God.

    • Tony Angel says:

      So true.Sadly America has been blinded by their sin and cannot find the true solution; which can only be found in God himself.Unless the nation repents and turns back to God,America will eventually be destroyed.Jesus God’s Son provided a way to be reconciled to God but sadly men love their sin more than God! Maranatha!!!


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