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“In 1620, a group of English Puritans left Great Britain and sailed across the Atlantic on the Mayflower. Not only were they breaking away from what they considered religious persecution, but they were leaving the Old World that had been, in their viewpoint, materialistic, selfish, greedy and unprincipled.

Their vision of the New World, was to build a society constructed on a new foundation of communal sharing and social altruism. Their aim was based on the Communism of Plato’s Republic, in which there would be no private property and all work, and the harvest thereof, would be shared in common.

The outcome of this experiment with “Commune-ism” is documented in the diary of William Bradford, the Governor and head of the colony. The results of this first “collective” were disastrous and led to famine and starvation, both physically and spiritually:”

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