Sorting the Candidates

Thomas Sowell – Tuesday Aug 25, 2015 – Human Events

Despite a nuclear Iran looming on the horizon, the media seem to be putting most of their attention on two candidates for their respective parties’ presidential nominations next year. Moreover, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump each make their own party nervous.

If next year’s election comes down to Clinton versus Trump, a lot of people may simply stay home in disgust.

When we are this far away from the official start of the primary election season, we can usually just say, “It’s still early days.” Many a front runner this early in the process ended up out of the running by the time the party conventions were held, and totally forgotten by election day.

That is the way it usually is. But that is not likely to be the way it will be this time.

This is Hillary Clinton’s last hurrah. It is now or never for her. And the Democrats have nobody comparable as a vote-getter to put in her place.

Even if an investigation finds Mrs. Clinton found guilty of violating the law in the way she handled e-mails when she was Secretary of State, the Obama administration is not likely to prosecute her. And President Obama can always pardon her, so that the next administration cannot prosecute her either. So Hillary doesn’t even have to take a plea bargain.

Someone with a sense of shame might well withdraw from the contest for the Democratic Party’s nomination, now that public opinion polls show that most people distrust her. But since when have the Clintons ever had a sense of shame?

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By: Dan Bongino – August 7th, 2015 – Conservative Review

At what point does the millennial generation wake up and realize that their love affair with the Democratic Party has been one-sided? While the Democrats have benefited enormously from millennials’ overwhelming support of their brand in national, state and local elections, the affection has gone unrequited. Granted, the Democrats talk a big game about the youth of America, but it’s what they’re actually doing to younger Americans that matters. In nearly every significant policy arena the modern, far-Left Democratic Party is pushing policies that will undoubtedly jeopardize the futures of young Americans working hard to make a better tomorrow.

Conservative activist, former Reagan administration official, and nationally-syndicated radio host Mark Levin’s new book Plunder and Deceit is a thorough examination of the ideological and legislative assault on young Americans. The book uses extensive data points and a second-to-none analysis to make the case that the modern Democratic Party’s allegiance to liberal ideology on the social front, and to tax-and-spend economics on the fiscal front, is selling out young Americans. It is a must-read for young Americans who are looking to escape the Democratic Party’s deceptive, focus group tested talking points and looking to find the truth. Additionally, the book is a must-read for Americans of all ages who want to understand, and be able to explain to open-minded young Americans, the danger we are in if we fail to correct our course.

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Trump Regan Cruz

By: Jeffrey Lord – July 31st, 2015 – Conservative Review

Amid all the sound and fury of the Trump surge, there are conservatives who have not taken to Donald Trump. Yet simultaneously, new polls show that the Trump surge continues, unabated. Shocking the Bush camp, a poll out of St. Petersburg, Florida – the St. Pete’s poll shows Trump defeating Florida’s own Jeb Bush (in Florida!) 26-20, carrying a full 22% of the Hispanic vote. A new Reuters poll has him leading the GOP pack with 25% to Bush’s 12%.

Yet over at The Wall Street Journal, our friends who run the editorial page have bashed The Trump Apologists. Sir Charles Krauthammer dismissed him as a “rodeo clown.” The left-wing attack machine Media Matters has conspicuously posted a list of conservatives who have bashed Trump, a list that includes George Will, Linda Chavez and National Review’s Eliana Johnson, Jonah Goldberg and Kevin Williamson. And, but of course, Bushie Karl Rove has helpfully weighed in comparing Trump to Missouri’s rape-challenged Todd Akin.

It’s fair to say there is disagreement in the world conservative over Donald Trump. But I would respectfully suggest that this disagreement is about more than Trump. This disagreement goes to the very heart of the differences between Reagan conservatives and more Establishment-oriented conservatives in both the media and on Capitol Hill.

So let’s start with that WSJ editorial, written in the wake of the Trump/McCain dust-up. And specifically, let’s start with this line well into the piece.

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