Socialized Healthcare – You Wait And Wait And Wait Some More….Hopefully You Do Not Die Waiting!

"This edition of Waiting Your Turn indicates that waiting times for elective medical treatment have increased since last year. Specialist physicians surveyed across 12 specialties and 10 Canadian Continue Reading

Obamacare’s lousy, no good, really bad year – By Paul Conner

Here’s a look at the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s year in review. – Jan. 14: Kansas announces its intention to become the 26th state to file suit against the federal government to Continue Reading

ObamaCare Rule May Bar HSAs, Low-Cost Health Plans

“A new Obama administration rule could drive out of the market the low-cost, high deductible plans that are supposed to be available under ObamaCare. That would likely mean a sharp jump in taxpayer Continue Reading

“The CBO Quietly Downgrades Obama’s $825 Bil Stimulus”

“Recovery: After nearly all the stimulus money has been spent, the Congressional Budget Office now admits it cost more than advertised, did less to boost growth and will hurt the economy in the long Continue Reading

Poll shows support for Supreme Court striking Obama’s healthcare law

“Voters want the Supreme Court to overturn President Obama’s healthcare law, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday.  The survey showed 48 percent support for the court striking Continue Reading

Seniors…This Ones For You! “Obama Nominee for Social Security Board Favors Rationing Health Care” by Jeffrey H. Anderson

“The grisly IPAB, one of the most underreported of Obamacare’s myriad of liberty-sapping features, would have the power to cut Medicare spending each year — if Obamacare isn’t repealed first. The Continue Reading

“The Coming Post-Obama Renaissance” by Victor Hanson

“The country always knew, but for just a bit forgot, that you cannot print money and borrow endlessly. It always knew that bureaucrats were less efficient than employers. It knew that Guantanamo was Continue Reading

Dr. Milton Wolf: Bending Obamacare’s honesty curve downward

“The Obamacare house of cards is crumbling before our eyes. The Obama administration’s signature piece of legislation brings a sixth of the U.S. economy under federal control, and the writing is on Continue Reading

Medicare provider payment policies scheduled to expire by December 31, 2011

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Hatch vs Sanders on Obamacare

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AMA vs Doctors on Obamacare

“The AMA now only counts about 17% of doctors as members. According to a new survey, the majority of doctors do not believe that the AMA represents their views and interests. Much of that Continue Reading