Big rise in health care premiums in time for midterm races

big rise in health care premiums coming

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Heritage Foundation: Opening the Door to Health Care Rationing Under Obamacare

“One of the biggest fears Americans have about Obamacare is who will ultimately control health care decisions: the government or patients and their doctors. New research by Heritage health policy Continue Reading

A new study suggests higher U.S. oncology spending is ‘worth it.’

“A persistent health-care myth is that the U.S. system is uniquely wasteful versus the European countries that spend far less per patient as a result of tight government control. Only the Continue Reading

IBD: ObamaCare Vs. LeninCare: U.S. Copies Soviets

“The Obama Record: When Vladimir I. Lenin sought to remake Russian society into a "proletariats' paradise," he targeted three sectors for control: health care, banking and education. Sound familiar?  Continue Reading

What a doctor knows about ObamaCare

“At the heart of the multi-headed abominable creature knownas Affordable Care Act aka ObamaCare, there resides a singular deceit. It is too easy for lawyers and even U.S. Supreme Court Justices to Continue Reading

Obamacare: The reckoning

“Beginning Monday, the Supreme Court will hear challenges to the law. The American people, by an astonishing two-thirds majority, want the law and/or the individual mandate tossed out by the court. In Continue Reading

The GOP Budget and America’s Future

“Our budget's Medicare reforms make no changes for those in or near retirement. For those who will retire a decade from now, our plan provides guaranteed coverage options financed by a premium-support Continue Reading

Hochul Town Hall: Constitution Ignored for HHS Health Care Mandate

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Obamacare: Just take a Pill

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Utopian Government Healthcare Update: Not ‘Cost Effective’? Britain Denies Cancer Patients Life-Saving Drugs

“A ‘breakthrough’ drug that gives extra months of life to men with advanced prostate cancer has been rejected for use on the NHS. The once-daily pill was developed by UK scientists at the Institute Continue Reading

Obamacare Update – Private Health Insurers Are Being Driven Out Of The Markets, Affecting Millions

“One of the most fervent promises President Obama made to the American people before his health overhaul law passed in 2010 was “If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health Continue Reading