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Mark Levin: Overwhelming Majority of Republicans Violated Their Oath of Office

levin show oath of office

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Cruz on Jeb: GOP will lose with another moderate

ted cruz gop moderates

By Katie Glueck-Politico Texas Sen. Ted Cruz insists he’s a “big fan” of Jeb Bush. But when asked Tuesday about the former Florida governor’s move toward a presidential run, Cruz suggested the Continue Reading


mark levin on republicans/obamas illegal amnesty

From The Right Scoop Mark Levin ripped Republicans a new one tonight as he opened his show tonight, saying that he is one inch away from leaving the Republican Party. He starts in hard, asking Continue Reading

Sen. Lee reacts to backlash over immigration vote

mike lee backlash immigration vote

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The GOP controls the Senate: Now what?

gop controls the senate now what

By: Grover Norquist The Republicans won control of the Senate. Now What? For the past four years the tea party wave of new congressmen who won and kept their majority in the U.S. House knew Continue Reading

Limbaugh: Boehner Has Squandered GOP Midterm Win With Spending Bill [AUDIO]

rush boehner spending bill

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Mark Levin: The system is collapsing

mark levin audio

Hat Tip The Right Scoop Mark Levin says this Amnesty order by the president and Republicans in Congress unable to even decide how to respond to stop this madness and preserve itself is a great Continue Reading

Fox News Sunday Panel: Senate Avoids Shutdown

fox news sunday 12-14-14

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GOP Funds All Of Obama’s Awful Policies. Congress reaches deal on $1.1T spending bill

gop funds obama policies

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Limbaugh: Big Govt. Tax Collection Policy Causes Mans Death. Obama Bad For Race Relations. GOP Has No Spine.

rush obama bad race relations

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Great New Web Ad by Ted Cruz — Keep your promise and #StopObamasAmnesty

ted cruz stop obama amnesty

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