Millennials shifting support to Republican Party?

millennials shifting support to gop

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MUST LISTEN RANT On CSPAN! 82-year old black grandmother who votes STRAIGHT GOP

82 year old black american grandmother votes gop christian values

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If GOP Wins Congress, What Are Its 2015 Priorities?

john boehner gop 2015

Investor’s Business Daily There is no Republican Contract with America in 2014 or plan for the first 100 days if the party can regain control of Congress. For the most part, the GOP has been Continue Reading

Meet The Press On Mid Term Election – GOP Closing Argument

meet the press 2014 mid term election

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The Optimistic Republican Story Everyone Is Missing

optimistic republican story

By Larry Kudlow - October 25, 2014 – Real Clear Politics The vast majority of political journalists -- and I include some of my conservative colleagues -- are missing a very big story. The Continue Reading

Sharpton Interviews Obama. This Will Not Help Democrat Candidates. New Material For GOP Ads!!

al sharpton interview with obama

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Varney: Will a GOP midterm win cause a market rally?

varney gop midterm win

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Which party is really helping minorities in America?

gop or dems help minorities more

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Mark Levin threatens to become an independent and take millions of people with him

mark levin threaten to become an independent

Hat Tip the Right Scoop Mark Levin said on his show last night that if the Republican establishment types team up to sabotage strong conservative candidates who are on the way to the nomination in Continue Reading

GOP’s big idea: Let’s not have a wave election

gop immigration

By: Ann Coulter - Human Events On Monday, the Washington Times reported on the Homeland Security Inspector General’s finding that detention facilities for illegal border-crossers are teeming with Continue Reading

No wave, but Sabato sees gradual voter shift to GOP

sabato sees gradual voter shift gop

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