Swift Energy President: Oil and Gas Industry Doesn’t Get Subsidies

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Martha MacCallum’s Hard-Hitting Interview with Debbie Wasserman Schultz

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Obama And Chu On Gas Prices

“Need a sure sign that rising gas prices are worrying the Obama White House? Note last week’s public humiliation of Energy SecretarySteven Chu.  Asked at a Senate hearing about his infamous 2008 Continue Reading

On Gas Prices, Newt Gingrich is “On the President’s Mind”

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U.S. Energy Production Senate Hearing

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Obama’s oil flimflam

“President Obama incessantly claims energy open-mindedness, insisting that his policy is “all of the above.” Except, of course, for drilling: ●off the Mid-Atlantic coast (as Virginia, for example, Continue Reading

Candidate Obama: Americans Should Get Used to High Energy Prices

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Drill Our Way to Lower Oil Prices? Yes We Can!

“Well, which do you think weighs more heavily on oil markets when determining prices? That oil companies have been able to boost production on private lands, despite Obama? Or Obama's thwarting of the Continue Reading

Anti Energy Producing Sec. Chu at Budget Hearing

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Gingrich Visits Gas Station, Mocks Obama Alternative Energy Ideas

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Petroleum Chief Torches Obama’s Oil Jabber

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