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By: Jeffrey Lord – May 8th, 2015 – Conservative Review

This is how it begins.

In places like Garland, Texas, Baltimore, Maryland or a small pizza shop in Walkerton, Indiana, America is on the road to tyranny, and it’s already not a good trip.

The stop in Garland, Texas brings a call to restrict free speech. A stop in Baltimore reveals a city run by mob rule. And just a nano-second ago, the stop in Walkerton, Indiana had the country watching in horror as the religious liberty of a family who owned a pizza parlor was under relentless assault for a refusal to cater a hypothetical gay wedding.

This is how a nation loses its freedom. Not all at once. Not in one giant gulp. But nibble by nibble. For a long time now Americans have become aware of the epidemic of political correctness that has been sweeping college campuses. Over at Breitbart, a list was run of the top ten jewels of political correctness on campuses for just one year – last year. Among them?

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“When President Richard Nixon arrived in Beijing in 1972, Chairman Mao Zedong — with his Marxist revolution, Great Leap Forward and Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution — had achieved an equality unrivaled anywhere.

That is, until Pol Pot came along.

There seemed to be no private cars on Beijing’s streets. In the stores, there was next to nothing on the shelves. The Chinese all seemed dressed in the same blue Mao jackets.

Today there are billionaires and millionaires in China, booming cities, a huge growing middle class and, yes, hundreds of millions of peasants still living on a few dollars a day.

Hence, there is far greater inequality in China today than in 1972.

Yet, is not the unequal China of today a far better place for the Chinese people than the Communist ant colony of Mao?

Lest we forget, it is freedom that produces inequality.”

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