Democrats running from the Obama ‘recovery’?


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Democrats Go After 2nd Amendment Rights: Va. man targeted for illegal ammo is under tax investigation


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Calls grow to give Lois Lerner ‘immunity’ to testify


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Democrat’s “War on Fox News” and Tea Party backfires big time.


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KOCH ADDICT: Watch Harry Reid Mention The Koch Brothers 134 Times On The Senate Floor. Thanks Nevada For Electing This Progressive Clown Over And Over Again!


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From The Right Scoop: LIKE A BOSS: Trey Gowdy schools Democrats on why Lois Lerner waived her 5th amendment rights


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RUSH: Democrats Are Never Held Accountable For Hypocrisy


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Obama Changes Obamacare Again To Help Democrats In November. U.S. government rolls back proposed Medicare Advantage cut


By Caroline Humer and David Morgan (Reuters) - The Obama administration on Monday rolled back some of the more controversial cuts proposed for privately managed Medicare health plans used by the Continue Reading

Must Watch Cavuto: America now ‘hitching rides’ to space. Obama and his Democrat team are taking America down.


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Fox News Reporting: Obama And His Fellow Democrats Surrendering America


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British hospitals burned bodies of aborted, miscarried babies to heat buildings – Let’s Hope This Does Not Give The Pro Abortion Democrat Party Any Ideas!


Sarah Hurtubise – Daily Caller British hospitals incinerated the bodies of thousands of aborted and miscarried babies as clinical waste, with some used to heat hospitals as part of an energy Continue Reading