Why Do Minorities Vote Democrat? Democrat saying her urban constituents spend MORE TIME IN JAIL than church

democrat-saying minorities voter base in jail

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Democrats Think Their Minority Base Is A Little On The Slow Side. Unbelievable! Why Do Minorities Vote Democrat?

democrats minority base slow

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The Dems Tired War Against Women Campaign Gets Negative Audience Reaction

dems tired war against women gets negative audience response

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Obama can’t help throwing his party under his bus

obama hurting dems

By: David Limbaugh – Human Events Politically speaking, President Barack Obama is almost as toxic as the ominous viruses he continues to mismanage. Every Democratic candidate fears the contagion Continue Reading

Mark Levin provides insight into Election Day 2014

mark levin 2014 midterm predictions

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Beck Says This Is How Democrats Are Setting the Stage for Another Historic Moment in America

glenn beck democrats women stage

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I Will Remind You I Served in Iraq: Joni Ernst Crushes Dem Opponent’s ISIS Lecture

joni ernst i served in iraq

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Hispanics seem to be souring on Obama Democrats

hispanic vote scarce in key midterm areas

By: Michael Barone – Human Events It’s looking like a tough off year election for Democrats, with their Senate majority at serious risk and their chances of gaining House seats down toward Continue Reading

Democrats Hate The Constitution: Houston Openly Gay Mayor (D) subpoenas pastors to turn over sermons

houston mayor subpoenas pastors sermons

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Which party is really helping minorities in America?

gop or dems help minorities more

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Democrats Won’t Even Admit If They Voted For Obama. Pathetic!

democrat wont admit voted for obama

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