Santelli On Latest Obama Scandal: “Fake” Census Data & Unemployment Numbers: “If We Knew Now What We Knew Then”



  1. gene Kinnick says:

    Dittos on all previous posts here. How many scandals are we up to now, and how many more is it going to take for EVERYONE to recognize we don’t have a president. We have a lying dictator, and we have a congress largely made up of people just like him. Nearly all of our elected government has forgotten who they work for and why, and THEY in- turn have appointed or have working for them people who no longer know or care what our Constitution is or what it is for. Everything all of these nit-wits do now is timed for political and election reasons of their own, not for us to choose wise, educated, patriotic citizens from among us to take us back to our Constitutional law and who are actually able to add and subtract, and think with reason, good judgment and common sense. Now, if they feel the law and good common sense rules don’t serve their purposes, they just change it all in order to get what they want regardless of consequences ….of which they seem to not suffer from, much less be held accountable in any real sense. They know if we don’t react they can get away with anything. They also know they can bully us if we stand up for rule of law, our rights, for speaking out and up, and tell the world WE are the ones causing all the problems and WE need to be taken to task for standing in their way. We are supposed to be standing in their way and we every right to speak out. The difference between us and them is that we use truth and they use lies, and not enough people care because not enough have a good, clear understanding of what the framers passed on to us or the reasons they gave for what they passed on to us. It should be crystal-clear even to the most ignorant among us by now that we are all being lied to on a daily basis to keep things going their way. The American people are being betrayed!

  2. Oh My! The lying’est Administration in the entire history of the U.S. has told another lie! Oh my! EGAD! ROFLMAO! My sides are killing me! Please Stop!

  3. Kevin Kiley says:

    It is natural for Obama/Davis to lie about everything from his birth 50 odd years ago to his history 50 minutes ago.
    The MSM endorses and ignores this!

  4. James Currier says:

    Only a total moron would have believed Obama period he is a serial liar

  5. All this commie usurper can do is LIE! He needs to be removed along with his cohorts and all that was brought into law become null and void.

  6. go after all of the sobs , dont whine , this all should go under the RICO statutes this all has been a conspiracy from the start .

  7. So there’s nothing we can do about it now? Lies, lies, lies and more lies over the last year should be enough to remove this cheater, deceiver, and liar from office? What the heck is wrong with Americans that we sit on our hands and don’t make a damn peep about it. There should be a grassroots uprising with protests all the way to 2014 election to keep these actions from fading in the minds of Americans. This is what Obama and the liberal dems are expecting us to do. Forgitabutit!!
    Well, this is one Americans who isn’t and I will be reminding my 80 email folks every day.