S.E. Cupp vs. Liberal Nun: A Clip You’ll Probably Want to See



  1. What a Useless excuse for a Nun!!

  2. projmgrcwp says:

    This whole load of crap from this Nun (None) goes to prove why the
    catholic church has lost its way. How many so-called devout catholics follow the churches teachings these days. They use birth control, have abortions and don’t keep the tenants of their faith. What a joke they have become–just go to mass, watch the priest eat the wafer and drink the wine while they only get half the sacrament, aren’t encouraged to read the scriptures, and have their nuns who have become political like this one. Funny how this nun has taken up for the Obama position – one who is for abortion and gay marriage and whatever else he thinks will sell with the american people but that is against the catholic church teachings. Sure glad my parents weren’t catholic. Give me the truth. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!”

  3. I have to admit, the Nun is right on this: The current minimum wage does not meet the current poverty guide line… by .28 cents (for a family of 2). Most employers pay their hourly wage earners at or more than $7.28 even in the fast food industry. Her figure of $12.00 an hour would yield a $26,000 yearly income. In that respect I agree with her as well. The whole level needs to be raised since the cost of living keeps going up (thanks to her president) and COLA eliminates the very basics of what it takes to live: Food/Gas prices, yet even with that it seems our congress steals a COLA increase for themselves but denies the rest of us the same consideration. How they can even use that calculation and then call it “the cost of living” is insulting to the point of being fraudulent.

    However, I disagree with her that this is the sole culprit or even the main culprit of why we have so many on food stamps… THAT is the fault of our current administration’s Saul Alinsky ideology to break this Nation – in turn spreading the wealth to their very own pockets. And this Nun has no clue that our political structure is so much closer to Socialism than a Social Democracy – and socialism only works out well for the elite political cabal and the ueber rich – everyone else suffers terribly and winds up loosing the very things they have demanded.



  4. I find it apauling how ignorant so many liberal do-gooders are on basic economics. It would be laughable if it wern’t so serious.This nun must believe that the price elasticity of demand for labor is zero, that is, raising or lowering the price of labor wil not impact the amount of labor hired. A minimum wage will always increase unemployment because if an employee cannot produce enough to cover the cost of his/her emloyment, the employer will have to let that person go unless the employer is a government.

  5. sister doesn’t even know that minimum wage is $8.25 per hour..she should get her facts straight before spewing her socialist garbage..she obviously does not believe the Bible…the workman is worthy of his hire…so said Jesus.

  6. The deluded sister needs to be on her knees in church praying for forgivness for forgetting what she vowed to Christ.

  7. I applaud Don, Pat and Mary S comments. No need for my comment they have said it all very nicely.

  8. Poor Sister Simone, and she gets her housing for free, her food for free, her transportation for free, she live in a place where she doesn’t have to pay rent, doesn’t have to pay for her food, it’s all taken care of for her by the church so what is she complaining about. Does she want the whole country just to do what she does, mooch off of someone else. Shame on her, the Bible says a “days work” for food…
    You don’t work, you don’t eat, and that’s what the Bible says Sister Simone… but then you probably don’t read the Bible anyway, your into Social Justice… MaryS

  9. Shame on you Sister for supporting the most pro abortion pres and admin ever! And all the other so-called Catholics like Biden, Pelosi, Sebelius and so many of the Kennedys etc. You twist the teachings of the church for your own vanity and profit and attack the honest and good people who really are helping the poor.

  10. As a devout Roman Catholic, Sorry Sister. you,re comments are “NUN-SENSE”!