RUSH: Every Time Obama Says ‘I’m Not A Dictator,’ He Doesn’t Complete It With ‘But I Wish I Was’



  1. When barrack Obama said he was not a Dictator he is the President jest look around the rest of the world and see how many Dictators have said the very same thing. A very good example of that is Syria that has been ruled by one family for more than four decades now. This scum claims he is jest the President but he was chosen by his father to be President and the population of that country had no choice in that decision. Barrack Obama will if given the chance will appoint his daughters as president if given the chance and We the People will have nothing to say about it. Not that We the People have much to say about it now because of the Electorate and the ability of any party to buy them. There is a better than average Chance that this happened in the last Presidential election.

  2. HadEnuf says:

    Hey Rush, I hate to inform you , Hannity, O’Reilly, Medved, Prager, Hewitt, the rest of your cowardly talking head “pun(d)kits” and the rest of the sheeple of AMERIKA that he IS a dictator as I had predicted when he was implanted by the NWO-ists in the first pseudo-election! Ihad also predicted that he would be the last (elected?) presi… I mean dictator, that this dead Republic would have! It is past time that you and the sheeple grow up and face reality – history is being repeated as we have the new Hitler in power. We are supposed to learn from history but it look’s like that won’t happen. Now to yet another unsettling edict handed down by the fuhrer and his band of homo and lesbo communist minions: small knives, baseball bats and golf clubs to be allowed on airplanes! – how about that! More terror for the sheeple who are to stupid, undisciplined and selfish to boycott the airlines as I had suggested when this totalitarian pseudo-safety ploy was first impemented. This dictator want’s to instill as much fear on “US” with his totalitarian measures as he can, we must return that fear tactic on them! I predict his “civilian army” they were brown shirts to the first Hitler, comprised of black gorillas will be seen throughout airports carrying baseball bats and golf irons – we’ll see; aferall, they were seen outside of polling places in Pennsylvania 2008! Does it make an iota of sense to ” feel’m up and fry’m up before boarding to only have goons permitted to carry on knives, baseball bats and golf irons? – ask yourself that! So, let me be perfectly clear, we are experiencing a communist takeover and if you haven’t figured this out by now, you either haven’t a brain or your an illegal alien or your an Obaa-baa-manite black grifter with your palms up waiting for a handout! Oh, let “US” not forget releasing the most dangerous – that is what the fuhrer had said would be apprehended by ICE – illegal aliens back into the public to wreak more crime on you sheeple all the while not acknowledging how this happened, just like Benghazi! WAKE UP, WISE UP, RISE UP or get on your knees and grovel like they want you to!

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  4. Tony Angel says:

    The obvious fact of the whole matter why this dictator became president is because the majority of the people are blind and voted for him.The rest of us wish it wasn’t so.Obama’s mindset is totally anti- american, which is also obvious:actions speak louder than words. He doesn’t even agree with the constitution:go figure. What really bothers me is why someone hasn’t tried to impeach him.I can’t even stand to hear him speak because I know he has another agenda in mind.

  5. Well, we all know what happens to dictators don’t we? They either put a gun to their head, or crawl into a hole in the ground, or go into a cave until they are dragged kicking and screaming into a court and found guilty and then justice is served. Or, we can mock and expose Obama as a pathetic idiot… and make everyday hell on earth for him. I mean really… he is the most hated man on earth. He has NO friends…no one.

  6. Agree 100% — Obama (nobama) is a dictator and acts it out more and more each day; our country is falling apart with him at the helm — he knows nothing about leading, but only about blaming. He wants nothing to do with responsibility — he has great fear he might be blamed for something — what a concept!

  7. He can claim that he is not a dictator because he does not add the word “Just” in front of it. obamanation is a dictator and a nazi, but he is a nazi first, a dictator just carries out he agenda of the nazi’s.

  8. Diane Wall says:

    I so agree with Jo-anne! How dumb are the American people? I usually just says he’s the first part of the word! It is SO sad that he’s sending our beautiful country down the tubes!

    • Diane: The problem is that Americans have been progressively and deliberately “dumbed down” over the last 2-3 generations and made dependent on “big brother” government for everything they think they need in life. It’s partly dumbness (stupidity) and partly greed (avarice) and the two are like the jaws of a trap that grabs a society and pulls it toward socialism. Between the corruption of our public schools and the deliberate re-writing of our history – which began in earnest over 50 years ago – and the growth of the welfare state, which began a bit earlier, generations of children have grown up being trained to accept socialism; the communists took over the PTA and, though that, our schools, back in the 60’s when I was in high school. At the same time the atheists started their war on God, starting with Madelaine O’Hare – who successfully got prayer banned in public schools. The war on religion – any religion, really – resulted in the corruption of the morals that were the original building blocks of our nation. Dr. Spock brought us liberal concepts for raising kids with no discipline, no respect, and no sense of right & wrong, leaving us as a nation of individuals with opinions, not values. All opinions are equal, we’ve been told. Situational ethics rules. What’s right for you can be wrong for me. Now we have politicians who are greedy, lack moral values, have no respect for the founding principles of our nation, and are ready to not only allow, but to facilitate the destruction of what was formerly the most powerful and respected – and yes, feared! – country on earth. Into this destructive mix comes Barak Obama, our pretend president, and almost 50% of Americans actually LIKE what he says – in spite of the obvious fact that, most of the time, he LIES!