Romney Surrogate Deems Obama a ‘Wuss’

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  1. william mcdonald says:

    How about if that theater didn’t have a restrictions on legal gun owners carrying concealed.. How about if that Temple had armed parishonor’s. How about if Virginia Tech allowed their students to keep their hunting rifles in their pickup trucks… Anti gun folks want to address legal ownership of guns which will/would do nothing to prevent illegal guns being used. I just read this recently: I carry a .45 cal. because a cop is too heavy… The basis of this whole issue is to disarm legal gun ownership… not the safety of our citizens. There are more deaths from texting and driving in ONE year than 10 years of death by lawfully owned firearms.

    • michiganblue2 says:

      I think the number of gun incidents and their severity lately is becoming too much of a coincidence to ignore. These people want gun control and want the UN Small Arms Treaty passed. Obama is itching for an excuse to declare martial law. I don’t put it past the government or some group (CIA, FBI, etc) to be “helping” these incidents to occur. Divide and conquer is the strategy. Taking any guns away from citizens will leave us helpless against the government and police when they come to attack us. That is the basis for the 2nd Amendment – protection from a tyrannical government. If they (gov’t, police, military) all have submachine/military weapons and we have hand guns guess who wins???!! Look at Germany, Russia and other countries who were forced to give up their weapons. Soon afterward the gov’ts murdered milliions!