Protecting America’s children: Why won’t liberals join in?

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  1. I find it frustrating dealing with your articles. The system I must use cannot handle your videos, so I never know just what in the hell is going on. How about finding a typist to give me and others who may be in the same predicament the stories. (It’s GOTTA be cheaper than a webmaster)

  2. Gene Kinnick says:

    Amen. The defense of our children is not what they are truly after. It is specifically in their best interests to use our children any way they can to achieve their goals, the primary goal being the disarmament, slowly but surely, of the American people. That is paramount in gaining unfettered control over us which is what they must do in order to seize control and maintain it. They are experts at manipulating the emotions of people, especially those who are as dumb as rocks but still have the right to cast votes. If that isn’t enough they simply resort to lies and outright cheating. Right now, as you point out, our children are intentionally being dumbed down through our educational system that is failing to teach them what they need to know, including American and world history, and teaching them everything needed to “fundamentally change” America. That was what Obama ran on, and though his and the democrat party’s records have been dismal failures for the past four + years there are still too many believing in what they say and do. Politics are as corrupted as can be, but so is this nation’s educational system. It’s what finally brought these thieves into office. Hopefully, it wall also be their undoing as I think a lot of people are beginning to see and recognize how badly they’ve been duped. Vote these morons out, and then let’s very seriously consider strict term limits so we can make sure morons never gain this kind of power again. Too much time in government leads to far too much corruption in virtually everything else.