Poll: Florida Voters More Scared of ObamaCare than Ryan’s Plan

When it comes to the future of Medicare, which scares you more….President Obama’s health care law or Paul Ryan’s proposal?

48% President Obama’s health care law

41% Paul’s Ryan’s proposal

11% Not sure

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  1. RichardWatrous says:

    We cant take it anymore. Every day I see people with signs wanting jobs. They are standing on street corners and meridians asking for money. Everything Obama said, every promise he made has not been accomplished. We need another president, Things are just getting worse.

  2. Richard deSousa says:

    The seniors are more confused because AARP has erroneously sided with Obamacare. AARP is a liberal shill and backs Obama. Here on Youtube Obama is being interviewed by ABC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5Ha7RNpn24

  3. There’s a lot of work to be done in Florida. For that matter, every state with a large senior population. So many of them have no idea what’s happening in all the confusion about Medicare, Obamacare, Death Panels, taxes, penalties, and so on.
    Wherever we see these folks, we have to assure them they will not lose Medicare under a Romney-Ryan administration. They can’t make head or tail out of it, so many claims and counter claims have been made. So many lies and distortions have been told in newspapers and on TV. So much so, that these folks are blindly facing the next election. They don’t want to admit they don’t understand what’s happening. I’m alluding to widow and widowers too.
    We can’t let these folks down, They have to understand that $716 billion were stolen by Obama from Medicare so he could launch his legacy project,Obamacare. They have to understand that Ryan’s plan doesn’t affect anyone from age 55 on up. There is too much election campaign propaganda and distortions and not enough concern for the elderly. They supported the systems we now have, we owe honest explanations to them.