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Obama’s Foreign Policy A Failure?

netanyahu worry

FBN’s Stuart Varney discusses Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to Congress and President Obama’s foreign policy.

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ALERT! Obama’s And The Democrats’ Real Illegal Immigration Plan. Shocking!

mark levin host takeover plan by obama

You Must Listen To This Sinister Plot. The Left Wants To Develop a “Country Within a Country”. This Is The Left Transforming America Into A Very Different Country.

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Did Obama Really Threaten To Shoot Down Israeli Fighter Planes?

israel fighters

Kuwaiti paper claims unnamed Israeli minister with good ties with the US administration revealed the attack plan to John Kerry

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Louie Gohmert On Fire Over Obama’s Illegal Amnesty And GOP Leadership Surrender


Gohmert Passionately Asks Congress To Save The Constitution

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Larry Elder Calls Out Eric Holder’s Abuse Of Power

holder lowering standards

Did Holder Attempt To Lower Civil Rights Standards To Try And Prosecute Police Officer Darren Wilson and George Zimmerman?

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ObamaCare ‘Success Story’ Is A Bronze Plan Trap


A million or more ObamaCare customers may find themselves in roughly the same straits this year.

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Health Care Chief Grilled Over Whether Illegals Can Enroll In Obamacare

rep jordon drills healthcare chief

Rep. Jordan on Capitol Hill hearing

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Cartoon: Suspicious Ties

behind your back

What Goes On Behind Your Back?

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Rising Republican Star, Gov. Walker, On ‘Fox News Sunday’

scott walker exclusive fox news sunday

Chris Wallace Asks If Walker Flip Flopped On His Immigration Position

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“This Week” Roundtable: Rand Paul Wins CPAC, Will Progressives Back Clinton?

straw poll

Laura Ingraham Is The Lone Conservative At The Roundtable

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“Face The Nation” Panel: Walker vs. Bush?

face the nation

Will Speaker John Boehner Cave To Obama? Who Came Out Of CPAC In Good Shape?

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