Obama Wants To Raise Our Taxes But……Rise in fed workers not paying taxes????

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  1. Gene Kinnick says:

    …and the corruption continues burrowing into our government. While that remains an on-going and despicable matter (and has been for who knows how long), more is being demanded of Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public! It’s a bad disease, big and bad government, and it won’t get any better until everyone wakes up and starts demanding an accounting. How many billions are owed and by whom and why? Start naming names and turning THEIR pockets inside-out! While we’re at it, let’s find out just how many hundreds of billions of our tax dollars are being wasted EVERYWHERE in this damned corrupted federal government that thinks it can get away with this kind of theft and waste. They work for us, so …it’s our job to demand the full accounting, fire a bunch of these idiots and imprison those who fail to comply. So much to do, but …it’s our money folks, and they’re spending and wasting it like they don’t care it was earned by us! To the colleges and universities who educated these morons; what kind of math did you teach them? I never learned any of that kind of mathematics! We elected a lot of these same morons, so what kind of idiots are we??? We need to start qualifying the abilities of our candidates in math and the tax code, history, our Constitution and rule of law, among many other subjects.