Must Watch Speech By Ex-Secret Service Agent



  1. facebook_lowell.moore.5 says:

    A must watch short speach by a former Secret Service Agent

  2. A true Patriot. Pay attention to what he said,if you don’t ypu will regret it.

  3. I agree with him all the way. We all need to pitch in and let the citizens get more involved before the liberals completely turn this Country of OURS into a socialist/communist state. We have rights that are guaranteed and will not be taken away.

  4. Obama and the other pie hole Gov. Cuomo should control some of the jerks with drivers licenses on the road. There are more deads on the road than by gun. They give drivers licenses to illegals that kill Americans

  5. This patriot is spot-on correct. The numbers speak volumes.
    2012 Election: 94 Million Eligible-To-Vote Voters did NOT vote.
    ~64 million votes for Obama
    60 milion votes for Romney
    Where were those 94 million citizens who had the power and did not exercise it? Complaining? Making excuses? Next time you non-voters don’t like the way things are going in life, remember: Your inaction is the same thing as enabling those in power and potentially usurping your rights as a citizen. When those elected see low votes/low voter turnout, they see more power for themselves. When they see high voter turnout, they know they are being watched and to not mess with the people/citizens who put them in office. The Bill of Rights is only good if you elect representatives who will uphold those rights and the constitution. You have a responsibility to the outcome of this country and its future direction.

  6. mILITARY MOM says:

    Wow this young man deserves a hand..God Bless Sir…..

  7. I totaly believed in this man till he claimed our voted actualy counted then he lost me with that lie

  8. Robert Strong says:

    All this endless talk about gun control is maddening, especially since the vast majority of gun restrictions that have been proposed are totally irrational. For example, possession of an AR-15 will continue to be legal if it was obtained prior to it becoming illegal. The same twisted logic will also allow the continued purchase of an AR-15 if it is absent a pistol grip.

    Many other examples could be given that reflect not only irrational thinking, but a total lack of knowledge of the features of various types of weapons such as the semi-automatic AR-15 and it’s identical twin, the M-16, which unlike the AR-15, is fully automatic capable.

    The only sensible argument for stricter controls is that fully automatic weapons, such as the Thompson sub-machine gun, have been strictly regulated since 1934 with the passing of the National Firearms Act (NFA), so why can’t others now be regulated as well?

    The answer to that and other questions was attempted in 2012 by Supreme Court Justice Scalia. He stated, (inconclusively in my opinion) that “dangerous and unusual” firearms, such as M-16 rifles, military-style assault weapons, extended magazines, cop-killer bullets and universal background checks would likely all be permitted under the Second Amendment. However, he did not single out the AR-15 or other semi-automatic weapons and, like all others to date, he did not adequately define an “assault weapon.”

    Conditions that made the NFA possible during Prohibition do not exist today, i.e., there are no turf wars and Tommy guns being fired indiscriminately by bootleggers on city streets. However, never letting a crisis go to waste, gun control advocates, led by President Obama, are hanging their hats on recent mass murders, but without mentioning that their killers, like many others before them, were mentally unstable and, as previously stated, that currently owned and even new AR-15s will still be legal. And, contrary to the intent of the Second Amendment, which clearly was to give citizens the right to own and bear arms for defense against a tyrannical government and nothing else, President Obama focuses only on hunting, target shooting and protection against home invasion.

    Of course, only flintlock rifles and pistols were available when the Second Amendment was passed, so it is now not unreasonable to question which of the many different types of weapons that exist in millions of households, should or should not have Second Amendment protection.

    My answer is that all law abiding citizens should have the same right of self protection that government officials and their families have as provided by the Secret Service, with the exception of existing prohibitions and restrictions on firearms possession. To that end, all of our hand-wringing politicians need to get off of their soap boxes and instead of fear mongering, focus on getting the mentally ill off of the streets. After all, they are the ones doing the mass killings.

  9. Play it again, and again, and again for all Americans to hear and especialloy for all of the “conservative organizations” like Newsmax, WND, Conservative Plus 50, Vision to America, Political Outcast, etc., etc — these guys spend all of their time “talking to themselves” and NOT saying anything that will matter, that will change the minds of they big grey mass out there. THIS GUY is on target to MAKE CHANGES. Let’ssupport him.

  10. R E Putnam says:

    Heed this man.Never has it been put better.

  11. Great speech – plz put the signs down – they annoy.

  12. Too bad we don’t have more people to stand up for America. Don’t let your government take away your freedoms. Stand up and be counted. Don’t go over the cliff with the rest of the sheep!