Mark Levin: “I Can Barely Contain My Fury At What Is Going On”

“MARK LEVIN: You know folks, I’ll be honest with you. I just told a friend of mine — even though I sit behind this microphone and I try to be civil and so forth — I can barely contain my fury about what’s going on in this country. I’m just being honest with you. I can barely contain it. I’m so frustrated by this tyranny, you have no idea. Now we can analyze it, we can intellectualize it, we can parse it and so forth and try to unravel it. But I’m just telling you, from an emotional point of view, it is just so damned infuriating to see the greatest country on the face of the earth run by a bunch of lilliputians, who are constantly attacking it from within.”

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  1. Then do something about the tyrannical madman in the White House and all of the constipated Czars. They are stuck in one mode- to take down the American Establishment.

    • Then do something about the mad man and his czars! No pussy footing around. We are talking about our country, not a tight fitting pair of shoes!

  2. Mark, I do also agree with this bafoon in Washington in telling the people what is going to do instead of asking what we all can do to help this problem. He is such a joke to the whole American socity and a disgrace to us all American’s. And this is also for his pinhead people that sit behind him.

  3. Scarlett Anderson says:

    I’m with you, Great One! God bless you and yours. Thank you so much for all you have done and tried to teach people about what’s right for America.

  4. Mark, You are an intelligent man. Are you afraid of retaliation? At least one congressman stood up and admitted he had been threatened by the administration and he knew of others who were also threatened. I watched that on the Congressional TV feed. Our only hope is to get rid of this fraud in the White House. If you, Hannity, O’Reilly, Huckabee, Hedgecock, and other high powered broadcasters would get together and every day for a week demand that Congress vet Obama as they did McCain, they would have to listen. Show you have some guts. You complain but you don’t lead. Every grasshopper knows Obama is not eligible. It seems very clear that you all are under threat of your jobs or maybe worse. But there IS strength in numbers. You could be the leaders that Congress is not. For God’s sake, save us.

  5. Regarding my prior message: Check out

  6. So many of us agree wholeheartedly. It boggles my mind that nothing is being done about it. I don’t understand why. Does anyone with a legal mind have an answer? Impeachment seems warranted – so why isn’t it being done?

  7. So Mark, what are you going to do about it other than flap your gums, run your mouth, express your angst and shout into a microphone? How about organizing a well-regulated militia and preparing for the coming revolution which you can lead as former American patriots did?
    Maybe you can put together a Special Forces Team of broadcasters and telecasters supported by their listeners and people from their sponsorships, put in part of your massive fortunes to arm, equip and outfit those who will march behind you?
    Get Bill O’Reilly, Rush, Hannity, etc. to form the frontline with you in the march on DC, Obama, et al?
    Your apoplexy and theirs, bloviating does not impress me in the least as anything worthwhile at this critical moment in our history. Getting off your filthy rich fat cat butts might impress me if you actually lead troops into battle.
    Tempus fugit my friend tempus fugit, and forte fortuas iuvat.

    • Larry Bassett says:

      Might big man TALK, RONMAR! But somehow I’ve escaped seeing notice of your doing what you are suggesting others do. Not that I want to, because I don’t… not now.
      With appreciation for Mark and the most of the others doing a good job of alerting the country to the abuses of the current administration along with many in the Congress, how about organizing citizens groups to visit other citizens and describe to them what is happening and what needs to be done to elect the folks that should be representing us. Have you assisted those who believe in the Constitution (as written) and who might have difficulty getting to the polls actually getting there? Have you volunteered as a poll watcher? How often do you write/email/call your Congressman or Senator telling them what you want and expect in order to receive your… not threatening them with your imagined militia but with clearly rational reasons supporting your opinions?
      Being prepared is one thing and a good thing. Runing off at your mouth with half-cocked threats and accusations directed at those who ARE actually making a difference is unhelpful, foolish, and solves nothing!
      While we appear to share somewhat common concerns, I wouldn’t want you in my militia as your firing blindly at the first thing that moves would get us all killed.

  8. Their are so many of us that are livid about what is going on but we don’t know what to do about it. I pray but I believe God is allowing
    all that is going on because we have turned our back on him. We need
    to come back to God and we need to put Obama in prison.

  9. So how will he be stopped? That is the question. While I believe that two thirds of Congress are actually Communists, who’s left to stop him?
    They certainly won’t. Impeachment takes a two thirds’ Congressional vote, if I recall, and the Commies won’t vote for that. While the Leftists/Commies/thugs commited rampant voter fraud in both 2008 and 2012, how will we ever vote him out? I refer you to Chauvez, a good friend of O’s who committed the very same fraud in his country and kept himself the dictator against the peoples’ wishes time and again. Tell me, please, how this can be done without learning to gutter fight just like they do?! The ‘gentlemen’s party’ had better be buying some brass knuckles, too, and get in the game.

  10. Craig Kinard says:

    Well, Mark, you and I don’t wonder why the Founding Fathers followed the 1st Amendment with the 2nd, do we . . .

  11. I too, am livid at what these pinheads have done and are continuing to do to our country.And we have four more years of this to have to live through.What are we going to do?How can we deal with him and his executive orders,going around Congress,Czars,appointing people who want to take away our defense and safety?It is so sickening.

  12. You are not alone in this Levin…but I America is so great it can overcome a nobody named Obama…. He just has the mic right now…and is full of it…nobody is listening to this bozo…so let him talk so that everyone can see his madness…. he is imploding as we speak. Obama doesn’t know how much he is despised.

    • Mary Mohanan says:

      Not sure I agree with you. I have family members who consider themselves to be conservative democrats. They LOVE 0. It is sooooo frustrating. They are on both sides of the wealth spectrum, one poor, one fairly wealthy. They see 0 as wonderful. I suspect eventually , when it starts to really affect them, they will wake up. I hope it isn’t too late.

  13. Ronald Christopher says:

    What get me is this. These guys, Mark Levin, Rush, O’Reilly and Hannity to name a few, have enough power to cause an uproar and do something about Obama. I wonder why they don’t other than jack their jaws. I suspect they are just hanging around waiting for some dumb son of a bitch to take matters in his own hands and then they will continue with their (well somebody finally did something about the problems).

  14. John Scalzo says:

    Mark I agree. Is this country that off base?

  15. Richard Tyler says:

    Mark, I hope and pray you and Rush, O’Reilly, Hannity and all the other’s will somehow wake America up, we, collectively are asleep at the switch.
    God, help us!

    • Here I am a gal of Irish heritage and not too sure of kin folk like Hannity or O’Reilly, Ronald, since both seem very keen on the idea of Rubio, not a natural born citizen, to run for president in 2016.

    • Sandra Moore says:

      How can anyone say we’re “collectively asleep”? There are millions who voted for Romney who were not asleep. There were probably millions more who COULD have voted for Romney but were either too lazy, didn’t bother to register to vote, were ticked that Romney was the Republican candidate, or were Ron Paul supporters. This debacle, this fiasco of Obama getting another 4 years is THEIR FAULT. The rest of us were and most assuredly are NOT asleep. We’ve been awake for the last 4 years and when the prime opportunity arose to kick Obama out of the Presidency, these idiots for their own dumb reasons refused to vote. We haven’t been asleep for years, so please don’t speak for everyone.

  16. Wallace Hugh says:

    You are not getting ppaid to contain yourself. If you see it tell it to stop it

    • I’m with you, Wallace! It’s way past time that the conservative “pun(d)kits” that have the forum to start informing the ((m)asses that this Muslim-Marxist and his communist regime are out to destroy the middle class and America and to be replace it with AMERIKA: A third world totalitarian oligarchy. Let’s cut to the chase already and stop the “PC”, intimidated, watered down version of what is transpiring out in the open! – that mean’s you: Rush, H. Hewitt, O’Reilley, M. Medved and the rest of you weinies! OUR GOVERNMENT HAS BECOME THE ENEMY, and it’s time to alert the dumb^ss Obaa-baa-minite sheeple to this REALITY!