Levin: Obama Gave ‘Lie After Lie After Lie’ in SOTU Address



  1. Obamas whole plan has been to bankrupt america but even he is not in charge someone elsse is and always has pulled at the presidential strings. Obama like Clinton and Bush before him are nothing but sock puppets we need to find whose really in charge and hang them.

  2. Come on people, he lied to us for 4 years, did anyone really think he was telling us the truth ESPECIALLY–WHEN IT CONTINUES TO BE A REPETITION OF THE FIRST
    Obama has done an excellent job at dividing us. He does that so well.

    WE THE PEOPLE will fail because we are allowing Obama to get away with EVERYTHING he does. He is totally corrupt. ..and everyone else follows suit. He is taking our County down the crapper and all we do is continue to whine and moan about how bad it is. Well, get ready for the ride, because I believe it will get worse.

    Why Obama can break the law and everyone is afraid to make him accountable???? why?? Everyone around him Pelosi, Reid, none of them give a rats a$$ about you or I or our Great Nation.

    I read that God would allow Lucifer to take as many souls as he could, before he intervenes. This must be that time because only the devil could be so good at being evil and corrupt.

    May God helps us and Bless each of you and America………..

  3. “He is still a liar!”
    “He is still a Fraud!”
    “He is still a Muslim!”
    “He is still a Terrorist to the USA!”
    “He is still the most divisive _resident in the White House!”
    “And he is still not MY President!”

  4. David Lamon says:

    Stop blaming Obama, put the blame where it belongs the American people for reelecting him.

  5. Incredible that some people still have faith in this liar and traitor. They must have a determination to make him be the person they see him as, instead of the person he actually is. He makes me sick to my stomach when I see him and his junk in the trunk deceitful wife treading all over our American values and constitution as his way of leading this nation. He needs to be REMOVED from our WH using any means necessary to save this country from his demonic and destructive agenda! I do not know what the hell is wrong with the supporters of this Kenyan bastard, but they better get with the program of America or get the hell out right along with him. Take the plank from your eyes you morons!

  6. He paints a rosy picture, but cannot bring it to life. He has no presidential abilities at all. He could sell a lot of vacuum cleaners, going door to door. His best asset is his way of selling whatever he chooses, but he does not EVER deliver.


  8. Robert Myles says:

    Obama’s goal’s have been to downgrade America from the begining and he has said openly that “We should be more like France”. his true goal if allwed the complete 4 yrs is to get us down to more like Kenya and Indonesia. This man hates America and i hope his ‘Lover’s’ wake the hell up before we are like Kenya

    • I wish he would go back to his birth place, Kenya. He is a fraud and a liar.

      • Mary White says:

        I am not sure what God’s reasoning is for giving us Obimbo, but HE has one. We are living in the last days Biblically and I think a lot of know it. The reason Obimbo was re-elected is because the young people and the illegals voted him back in. Young people are soooooo liberal today. They just don’t realize what they are doing, and illegals will vote for whomever is going to do the most for them. I can’t wait to see who the next pope will be. If it is someone from the US it is because the people in the world want the catholic church to ease up on abortion, homosexuals, drugs and any other loose life styles. GOD HELP US BECAUSE WE ARE GOING TO NEED IT AND SOON!!!!!!

    • castlemaster says:

      A great analysis; similar to the must see movie, “2016.” Our socialist public schools have effectively brainwashed two generations of our children. They have no idea what the truth of our great nation is all about. They have been taught that America is bad and always has been. Doesn’t the Bible talk about how in the End Times, people will call evil good and good evil. WOW…it’s happening!