Jim Rogers: Obama Win ‘Not Good for the Country’



  1. R. I. P. America – welcome AMERIKA. You’s want to get it back, your going to have to earn it the hard way, as was required by our forefathers to start it! These communists aren’t ever going to give up the power that took them decades to achieve. I remember on of the Muslim-Marxist’s dyke appointee’s saying that power only changes at the end of a gun… so be it!

  2. Obama divided Congress the way he divided the country as a whole. He owns the gridlock. Romney would have been the man to turn things back to a level playing field.

  3. We are all forgetting something very important
    here and that is the massive voter fraud and
    suppression that went on in this election.
    First obamanation was in courts for months
    trying to stop the military over seas from having
    a vote and when that failed, he went to his crony
    states and had them suppress absentee voter
    ballots when they were requested and when that
    failed, he sent ballots to the military but low and
    behold the plane crashed and all the ballots burned.
    Then there was the storm Sandy that dislocated
    over a million people and I seriously doubt that
    many of them got to vote. Then there was
    registered dead people who got to vote and
    thousands who voted multiple times. Then there
    was many incidents where voters discovered that
    when they cast their vote that the machines
    automatically voted for obamanation. And don’t
    forget all the voter intimidation with the black panthers
    standing post with billy clubs in their hands again,.
    As far as I see it, obamanation has not one ounce
    of dignity to steal the votes that do not belong to
    him and disallowing others the right to vote.
    He is a despicable freak.

  4. Why You Should Be Afraid, Very Afraid!

    If they can put in an illegal, unqualifed, unvetted Muslim negro with criminal behaviour not once, BUT TWICE, as your president, do you think they will not hesitate to come for your guns?

    Do you not think they will create some kind of false flag “terror” operation so they can suspend the Constitution and impose martial law?

    Then let me tell you, you deserve all of the above!
    Do not put this pass them! Be on guard!

    • mILITARY MOM says:

      When looking at the U.S Map after the election, Romney won more land mass, the whole damn Map seemed to scream RED…But of course we all know that the areas of blue are the areas filled with the takers, and scabs on the a*& of life types….To most of you on this site, I want to say Thank you , you have all renewed my faith in the Real American Patriots of This Great Nation…God Bless

  5. How right this man is,new taxes,high unemployment,higher prices for
    everything.The people did’nt stand up for our country yesterday so the
    saying is ” You reap what you sow ” Would be very interesting to know
    what these idiot’s who voted for Ovomit have to say after a year or two
    of their idiot running the country into the ground,you asked for it now your going to get it. God bless our country

    • Thomas; I agree with you 100%, but I’ll take comfort in the words “The Lord works in mysterious ways ” and let it at that for now ! We can’t let it ruin our lives, but we must be prepared for the next fight.

    • Not too sure they will notice. They didn’t notice the worst unemployment since the great depression., the debt, the burning embassies. Look at Sandy survivors- they are the only ones noticing the government isn’t up to what they need. You literally have to crush their lives before they turn off American idol and read a newspaper or complain.

      • Yea but the stupid Sandy survivors still voted Obam so I have no sympathy for them they can stay out in the cold for I care

    • thank you so much for speaking for me, I love our great country, and now we have someone in the white house that hates America, he is not a us citizen, and doesn’t love our great country. yes God is in control, but when a people make their choice known, then God lets them have it. We know patriotic Americans didn’t vote for this muslim, but illegals, hispanics, and other non-americans, that’s the only way he won.

    • noel kasper says:

      They will blame it on somebody……….oh yah, Bush.

  6. Ronald Christopher says:

    Call em up in 2013 and 2014 he says. Guess what the answer will be. I’ll provide it for you. You Republicans are to blame for this, or, you are lying, Obama is God.

    • mILITARY MOM says:

      God Bless This Great United States of America, and God Bless and keep safe each and every American Soldier….

  7. The ONLY WAY the DUMB DOWNED Americans will realize that “GOVERNMENT” CAN NOT MAKE THEM PROSPEROUS is AFTER America COLLAPSES in the coming few years !!!!! Maybe then they will WAKE THE *&(($$!!! UP and BEGIN DOING FOR THEMSELVES instead of always waiting for the “GOVERNMENT” TO DO FOR THEM !!!!!
    Hopefully “STUPID PEOPLE ARE BREEDING” will be a thing of the past !!

    • Ronald Christopher says:

      dj, I agree but it will be far too late. When there is nothing more to give, then there is nothing left to rebuild with.

    • halleuiah, A-men, you are sooooooooooooooooooright, i can’t believe this fradulent muslim got back in our great white house, what are we going to do? we seemed to be doomed