Jay Carney Overwhelmed By Scandal at Press Briefing

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  1. Gene Kinnick says:

    More lies to cover the lies really helps, Carney. Politicizing
    everything is something the Obama administration has been
    obviously the winner of, hands down! No one has been
    better at it. They use that tactic at every opportunity, in every
    crisis, in almost all speeches coming from the president and
    the spokes-persons he uses. It (whatever “it” happens to be)
    is always the fault of someone else and most generally the
    republicans, Limbaugh, Right-wingers, believers in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, Tea Party groups all across the land, and anyone who opposes what is going on or simply wants the truth.

  2. Around and around he goes, it will never end as long Jay is at the mike.