“How AARP’s support for ObamaCare was bought and paid for”

“Why did AARP ignore the overwhelming opposition among seniors, calls from their own members running 14-1 against, and emotional town hall confrontations all over the country?


AARP is in the business of selling insurance, and their offerings were uniquely well-positioned to benefit from the bill, because the steep cuts to Medicare Advantage would force beneficiaries into traditional fee-for-service Medicare, making them potential customers for AARP’s Medigap policies.

An investigative report from the House Ways and Means Committee found: “The Democrats’ health care law, which AARP strongly endorsed, could result in a windfall for AARP that exceeds over $1 billion during the next 10 years.”

That’s a billion reasons for AARP to betray seniors and support Obama’s bill.

The report found that while AARP offers a Medicare Advantage plan through United Healthcare, it does so under a flat-fee licensing agreement that would give the company the same revenue even following savage cuts to Medicare Advantage.

Its Medigap policies, on the other hand, are its biggest cash cow and AARP makes money with every policy sold.  It was a win-win for AARP’s bottom line, but at a devastating cost to the seniors it pretends to represent.

Sweetening the deal for AARP, the bill created a special, AARP-specific carve-out exempting its Medigap policies from the rate regulations applied to its competitors.”

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  2. john miller 111 says:

    AARP has become a very left wing supporter of O’Bama and his political machine. Iwill not renew my membership, nor will I support them in any form.You have lost your way all for the sake of dollars.
    Yopu will loose your members as they fdind out what you are all about.

  3. THE G MAN says:


  4. I resigned from AARP over this. They NEVER poll the membership to see what the members want, need, or think. The members are just a cash cow to be exploited. . They sit in their “inside the beltway” cushy offices and decide themselves what the members “need”. They are as bad as the typical Washington bureaucrat.

  5. When AARP sends you a solicitation, they include a postage-paid return envelope. They will be charged for WHATEVER you send back to them in that envelope. I can’t say for sure, maybe they’d like to read your local Walmart ad.

  6. Jim McKenzie says:

    Everytime I get a solicitation from AARP and the postage area says “non-profit” I about throw up!. Also, in the O’bama approved response to the Romney medicare add it states “information compiled by the “nonpartisin AARP group”. Really?????

  7. Anita G Flippo Hitchcock says:

    I would not give AARP 2 cents!!!!

  8. I paid just one year dues to aarp, to get their auto and home insurance. Never paid them another dime for the number of years that I used it. Then their auto insurance, the Hartford raised the rates on me.

    Looked around and found insurance much cheaper then it had been previously!

  9. Any senior who joins AARP for a free calculator or totat bag is not getting anything for free, we are paying through the nose for their cheap so caled gifts they give out like a street corner Santa Clause gives out candycanes around Christmas if you drop some money into their kettles they have next to them.

  10. I cancelled my AARP membership during the try at Hillary care. The supposed bill had not yet been fully written and an economist was adding up horrendous costs. AARP came out and indorsed it. I told them if they bought a pig in a poke before the total cost was completed , thet couldn’t be who was interested in my welfare.

    Hilliary care said the governmeny should determine what fields doctors could be educated in and the government would decide where they would work.

    Several of the insurance companies AARP advertises for I already have without their middle mman skimming off from people. I have a great policy with United Healthcare, without AARP.

    When they had an ECO resign under disgrace for financial irregularities, they let him go with a $170 million dollar good bye.


  11. I was an advance paid up member of aarp when I noticed their heavy lean to the left politically a few years ago. I called their office and told them I wanted to cancel my membership effective immediately because their political positions and wanted a refund for the unused paid time I had left. They didn’t argue and sent the refund. I encourage everyone to do the same.

  12. William Green says:

    AMAC–the Association of Mature American Citizens is the answer. My family and I have nothing to do with AARP. In addition to being bought and paid for by the O’blamer administration, it backed taxation of Social Security benefits.

  13. I also cancelled my AARP membership, and every time I
    get solicitations from them, I mail back an emty envelope.
    They must have a HUGE postal budget to work from!!

  14. My AARP membership is up for renewal – and this is the final straw.
    I will not renew and encourage others to cancel their membership.

  15. This is what I was talking about. Those of you who ate sti with this organization need to change to AMAC!!!

  16. I cancelled our AARP membership and will never consider them again. If they will screw us now, what will they do later. I would spit on them before purchasing anything from them.

  17. Patrick Henry says:

    Whenever I receive anything in the mail from AARP I send it right back to them. I do NOT support AARP nor will I purchase anything from them.

  18. Deava Hitzroth says:

    ARP wanted money from me when I only make 714.00 a month, they wanted 26 from me the first month. I said no I hadn’t chosen the,and I signed upwith another company that gave me my drugs free. I can’t imagine why thye did that to a senior

    • It is easy to imagine why they sold you and all of us seniors out Deava, money talks and BS walks. As of right now we ae still a Democracy and we still believe in free enterprise so we have options and AARP is not the only game in town.
      I was a member for almost 6 years and stopped being a member as soon as i saw they sold us out for the almighty dollar.

  19. This is the reason I am no longer a member of AARP … AARP sells out their members for the greed of money.

  20. Phil Hartz says:

    This is the the primary reason adults need to consider their support of this organization. It places the dollar in front of the memberships needs and direction. For that reason alone, I cannot support the AARP or its agenda of support for the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care).