Heritage: Defund Obamacare Town Hall Tour. Will You Join The Fight?



  1. I am fighting for the defunding of Obama care and for starting all over without any legislators and without any business interests in developing and designing a new health insurance plan, simple, direct, impermeable
    to any fraud but definitely only in the interests of the people to be insured.

  2. It was a gross error of those who voted for Mr. O. Politicians must write out their beliefs and programs in the future so that even the less alert can think about those beliefs before they vote.
    Did his supporters know that he:
    * supported abortion?
    * supported embryonic slaughter in the name of science?
    * opposed civilization’s man and wife and supported lesbian and homo
    * supported labor unions over “right-to-work”?
    * supported a delay in building an energy-saving pipeline?
    * supported one-sided support for something like healthcare?
    * supported nationalizing our healthcare, costing billions at this time of great
    financial strain on the body politic?
    * Does the admin have any feeling for the net results of a missile flood in a
    country (Syria) no one in American politics knows anything about–because
    it is a country so full of religious and political strife, hidden ambitions, and
    violence-prone governments?
    * Where is the recovery? We are supporting unemployed more than ever.
    Our deficit is unfundable because it is so large.
    * Does he know that O-care is an attempt to violate our First Amendment?
    * Does he know we want illegals to follow a set of procedures over time in
    order to gain coveted citizenship, and that many don’t want to?
    Mr. O was not prepared through experience and through gaining a sense of what America is all about. He never should have been elected.

    • I have been advocating this for a great many years but no one picked up on it. There is no need to waste such huge sums of many on all the lies, propaganda etc. It is not a personality contest! It is huge responsibility to be filled by an open, honest, non-lying individual dedicated to serving the people and obeying the constitution and our laws and definitely undoing most f what Obama did except for the environment for which he was absolutely great when compared to any others. Give credit where it is due.

  3. June E. Knipper says:

    We enjoyed the town hall meeting on our intenet, so very much. Heartened by the evidence of so many caring enough to attend, and by the speeches!
    Ted;s father was , indeed, inspiring in his powerful speech.
    May the Good Lord unite us in working together to return thie Nation to Him and to return to government of the people, by the people and for the people, as intended by our Constitution and the Bill of Rights our forefathers set forth as the result their guidance from Our Heavenly Father!

  4. Antonio lambiris says:

    defund obamacare now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. john holt says:

    If O care is not good enough for Congress then it is not good enough for the small people either. Everyone in congress were elected and are not above the law. That being said, O’s Hellthcare will destroy this country.