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  1. There’s nothing “affordable”about this plan. Rip it out and all damn-o-crats with it. An evil party.

  2. Kathy Davis says:


  3. Your future health care determined by an IRS agent not trained in medical procedures,telling you here is an asprin go home and take it we think you are to old to invest money in your cure and health.Beyond Outrageous.

  4. America Vote for Ted Cruz for 2016 president

    Stop BoehnerCare’? .
    DEFUND ObamaCare Discretionary and mandatory;

  5. Karen Brandt says:

    Defund Obamacare, please. Defund Obama, please!

  6. jOHN hAWKINS says:

    defund Obamacare (tax) now!

  7. Defund Obamacare

  8. michael stokesberry says:

    defund obamacae

  9. Terry Kaye says:

    If this no good Obamacare is so good, it should be mandated that it applies to the President and his family as well as all the congress and senators. No legislation should be passed that exempts those supposedly acting in good faith for all the people. Enough with the self serving Obama puppets.