Must Watch: Famed Investor Jim Rogers Trashes State of the Union Address: Makes You Wonder Whether Obama Is ‘Delusional’ Or ‘Lying’. Gives Insight To What We Can Expect



  1. Vince Sardo says:

    Lets face the facts people; Americans let this time come by ignoring what was happening around them. Being more interested in sports and worrying about who was going to win the next ball game. Going to those super ball parties, and making sure you supported all those players that were making millions of dollars off your purchase of hundreds and thousand dollar tickets.

    All of this unimportant attention while companies were moving their business to another part of the world, people such as Obama were able to get elected to office, and all those Illegal Aliens were allowed to move into America and take your tax dollars as welfare, and voted in the people that would continue to provide that FREE STUFF.

    You asked for it by not paying attention to what was happening to America. Now you are crying that America is being turned into a socialist nation or maybe even a communist country. Obama is purposely trying to bankrupt this country. Well; it is your fault and your fault alone. Maybe next time “if there is a next time” you will be a little more observant in who is running our country and exactly what they are doing, what laws are being passed and how you are being affected by them. This November 2014 maybe if you pay attention to who is running for office and study their background and get off you’re fat a**’s and vote we will be able to possibly turn this train wreck around, and save America as we once new it. OH! and by the way; Obama is the best liar ever.

  2. Glenn, It’s called “Ranch Management”

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  4. My Children: I worry about them under Obama’s evil regime.

  5. Gene Kinnick says:

    IF the American people fail to recognize what is going on for what it is and that the goal is to eventually strip us all of our freedom so government dominates virtually everything and everyone, we will have no future. If we allow this onslaught against the free enterprise system and everything else that has made us great and the envy of the world, everything just comes to an abrupt halt among the ruins of a once proud people and nation. Our kids and grand kids inherit nothing except misery and chaos. That isn’t what I spent my life working toward, and what most of us have worked for all of our lives, but that’s where this corruption is taking us if we don’t stop those responsible for it. Our founding fathers made sure we were warned this could happen and gave us the tools we needed to avoid it. They are found in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, which are now being totally ignored and left untaught. Historical accounts of tyranny now have no role in what people need to know, yet they provide the knowledge required to live free of the kinds of tyranny we are seeing corrupting this nation today. A price will be paid for that. The younger people of our nation have no idea and no base of understanding of what it is that could make them free, keep them free, and ensure their dreams and success. Neither do they know God or the strength he imparts to those who believe in Him, as well as to this nation.

  6. Obama is the most inept, economically ignorant president in the history of the United States. In addition he has absolutely no leadership qualities except to those with their hands out. His Marxist ideology makes me worry about our future.

    • vietnamvet1971 says:

      I agree, It just goes to show how Low our country has sunk into Immoral conduct and we are reaping the results of our National SIN, how can a Nation Kill / Murder Millions of Innocent Unborn Children, promote Homosexuality is Normal and all the other Garbage and expect better results.