Carney: Obama “Not Particularly Concerned” If Rice Was Misleading

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  1. Well Obama, we the people are concerned about it. Why would Jay Carney and Susan Rice take it upon themselves to give us their take on why the death of our Ambassador and 3 other Americans happened? I thought they both answer to you, or rather get all the answers from YOU. You don’t care enough to even address it??
    Of course, Obama doesn’t give a rip what the people care about, at least not the ones he wanted “revenge” on. Isn’t that so, Obama?

  2. I would like to see Brietbart investigate the educational records of (a) Susan Rice and Eric Holder. (We already know that the Obummer man has had all of his records sealed, but I’m sure that they would be strikingly similar to Rice and Holder’s) How did they achieve the positions that they are in, and what was involved in their educational excellence. (other than affirmative action programs) You know the saying, “you can put a suit on a monkey, but you still have a monkey just wearing a suit”.

  3. Just wondering…. if Rice can so easily lie to the American people… and we don’t trust her, and Obama is not bothered she got caught lying…. how in the world are we going to expect foreign leaders to believe a word that comes out her mouth??? If we are suppose to be truthful and a leader for truth and honesty…. this is certainly not the way to protray our country… but then again everything about Obama is deceitful and repulsive, Kick Rice to the curb and then take the B… to hearings on this coverup!!!


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