Allen West: Negotiating with ‘Marxist’ President is ‘Silly’



  1. Jorg Hentschel says:

    Even some of the most conservative politicians like Marco Rubio seem to be getting wabbly. You remain as strong on principal as ever. I have great respect for you and would strongly consider supporting you in any public endeavor you choose to follow. Thanks for your leadership.

  2. About a month ago there was an article in my e-mails naming several countries who banned guns and were confiscated by other countries. Could it be that the 18 to 24 year olds recently graduated to fight Americans in new armored vehicles would come out against anyone who opposed a get rid of your guns regulation? My e-mail today showed how Harry Reed Praised guns in 2010 and Senator Feinstein carried a gun in1995.


  4. Samuel dimuzio says:

    The people running the republican party had better wake up. Today they are too close knit and determine an elite set of candidates run for office. Works sometimes but very costly when losing. Get smart and arrange for future candidates to have assignments to keep their ideas, principles exposed for the public to appreciate what they are offering. Mr. West is the type of excellent talent that is to be used to perpetuate the constitution and bill of rights through strength of debate. Mr. West is very intelligent and “takes no prisoners”. He would have chopped right through the “fiscal cliff” fiasco. Invest resources in Mr. West.

  5. Jack M. Beck says:

    Allan West is an up coming Congreesman who has potential unlimited possibilities IF America can be restored to a truly Republican form of government which can only happen IF the American Electorate can regain its senses from its stupified BO trance.

  6. Mr. West:

    Stay on the high ground and people across this country will support you.

    There’s a saying that if you tell the truth, you never have to remember
    what you said. Unfortunately we have an individual in the White House whose sole purpose is to destroy this country by whatever means

    By the time the people who voted for this person wake up it will be too
    late for them to realize the grave mistake they made.

    As stated earlier, those of us that are True Americans will prevail and
    support individuals like yourself that stand for the real American way
    of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  7. I wish there were more Allen Wests in our country, the GOP, and Congress. He certainly has our nation’s best interest in mind. I can’t say that for our own party, the GOP, who seem to capitulate to the whims of this “Marxist” president and the media.

  8. May Col. Allan West run for president and right the current listing of this fractured country, Divided S of A, back to its once great status of US of A…

  9. Unfortunate that so many fail to recognize a real American interested in the best interests of all Americans. He is called names by those of the same race, despite the real truth his decisions & actions would do more for them than the past thirty years have done for them by our benevalent government.

  10. You are the best Congressman Allen and hopefully you will run for President some day in the near future. You certainly have the looks, brains and military background of which Hussein Obama has none of these!

  11. I support Allen West totally. I would happily vote for him for president in 2016. He has BACKBONE — and I admire that.

  12. Ronald Christopher says:

    It really does not matter what Obama says, the people who voted for him are too stupid to understand what he is doing.

  13. Col. West, I still support you in whatever political office you run for. Right now I would like to see you as speaker Of The House !!

  14. Marc jeric says:

    Now that’s a real man – Allan West! To negotiate with a marxist is worse than silly – it’s suicidal.

    • Now that is the MAN who should have been the first black president instead of the illegal, sand-niger that stole the last two pseudo-elections! – the difference is night and day, patriotic not traitor, real man not punk-^ss geek pretender!



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