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‘BAN DEMOCRATS!!’ – Mark Levin’s awesome response to Obama shutting down Redskins new stadium. hat Tip The Right Scoop Click Here To Listen To Mark!


Cruz does really well in this interview with Katie Couric. Cruz brings up the article 5 convention option! Just a warning, this interview is...

Yum! Peanut butter cookies! So delicious, soft, sweet, and chewy! Peanut butter cookies are one of my favorites. They are so good it makes...




BY VICTOR DAVIS HANSON – Investor’s Business Daily California keeps reminding us what has gone astray with America in recent years. The state is in the...

That is the goal of the left! They aim to destroy all traditional American values and heritage!
rev. franklin graham churches don't shut up

We have to turn America around for the sake of our children!
mark levin chris christie

Do we really need another RINO running? Hat tip to the Right Scoop! Click Here To Listen To Mark

By Stephen Dinan - The Washington Times - Tuesday, June 16, 2015 Rising federal debt threatens to choke economic growth within a decade, beginning a...

The liberal media just doesn't know what to do with Ted Cruz.

This was pretty cool to watch. I'm giving Ted Cruz a thumbs up for what he just said on Fox News. [youtube] Andrew Cline /...

Macy's dumps Donald Trump merchandise after what he just said about immigrants. [youtube] Paul Hakimata Photography /