Repeal ObamaCare: Yes We Can

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Heritage Foundation:

“There are some important differences between the 1988 Medicare act and the recent Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act:
– Instead of affecting 32 million Americans, Obamacare affects 300 million.
– Instead of an open-government process, the health law’s legislative process showed an unforgettable display of congressional arrogance, vote trading and backroom dealing.
– Instead of broad, bipartisan effort, Obamacare was forced through on razor-edge votes, using parliamentary tactics.
– Instead of having wide public support, Obamacare failed to rouse a majority in most polls. In fact, support for its repeal increased after the health care law was enacted.

Still, ObamaCare has the same fundamental issues we saw in the Medicare catastrophic dust-up, which could ensure enough public demand for its prompt demise.”

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