You Like Your Health Insurance Policy….Democrats Could Care Less

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“In Texas, National Health Insurance Co. has decided to discontinue two of its health plans, citing Obamacare as the reason.  The Dallas Morning News chronicles the story of two Texans, Al and Jill Alcantara, both 63, who will lose their current policy because the insurance company says “it could no longer offer individual accident and health insurance policies.” While experts say not enough smaller insurers have left the market yet to point to a trend, the Morning News article notes that several health economists expect smaller insurers to be unable to make it under the new law.

Other Americans will likely face the same ordeal as the Alcantaras.  The real irony is that the couple has “been pleased with their high-deductible policy, which is tailored to cover Al’s Type 2 diabetes and gives them access to all the doctors they want”,.  Obamacare will be responsible for the couple’s loss of private coverage”

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