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peach hand pie

Individualized desserts have become extremely popular starting with cupcakes. Hand pies are definitely the next big dessert trend. They are less messy than a...



Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron

Our children, your children, will be forced to assimilate.
alison parker and adam ward

Gunman’s letter frames attack as racial revenge.
Mark Meckler Convention of States

Rep. Mark Meckler Discusses Rules for Article V Convention
america in trouble

The federal government is spending this country into the ground, seizing power from the states and taking liberty from the people.
mark levin and jorge ramos

Radio host reacts to Donald Trump's tense presser
brent bozell on the real margaret sanger

Sanger and the baby killing organization Planned Parenthood.
bathroom hillary

Gotta see this....laugh and shake your head for sure!
trump bloomberg interview on debt

Trump says republicans should not raise the debt ceiling.