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KABOOM! CPAC 2015 – Jeb And Hillary Can Run On The Same Ticket! Call The Ticket CLUSH

Laura Ingraham BLASTS the idea of another Bush in the Whitehouse

Dr. Carson’s Speech At CPAC 2015

cpac 2015 carson

Strong Speech For CPAC 2015 Kickoff!

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Sen. Ted Cruz Speech At CPAC 2015

cpac 2015 cruz

We Need More Reagan Conservatives Like Cruz Who Are Willing To Fight!

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Lee At CPAC: I Will Not Vote to Fund Obama’s Executive Amnesty

cpac 2015 lee

Too Bad Mike Lee Is Not The Senate Majority Leader!

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How Do You Like Our French Republican Leadership?

mitch mcconnell

It’s a real shame Republican leadership didn’t run on this platform when they asked for our vote last November in order to win back the Senate

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Obama Could Care Less About Our Constitution

constitution burning

How Do You Like Obama’s New America?

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Lou Dobbs On Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Surrender On Obama’s Illegal Amnesty

lou dobbs obama amnesty

Will Speaker John Boehner Follow Mitch Or Hold Strong?

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Cartoon: If You Like Your Internet…


Obama internet takeover

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Will Anything Get Obama To Take ISIS Seriously?

obama isis brutality

3 arrested in NYC for reportedly planning to join terror group

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Conflict Of Interest?

algerian donations to clintons

Algeria donated nearly one million dollars to Clinton foundation. The problem is that Hillary was Sec. of State at the time.

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Obama’s Internet Take Over Has Beck FUMING!

beck net neutrality google

“You morons! You useful idiots!” Beck added heatedly, addressing supporters of net neutrality.

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